How can MTB Australia enhance your business?

We collaborate with you to formulate a seamless settlement process for your purchasers on every one of your developments. We do this by:

Firstly, we help you establish a seamless settlement process for your purchasers on every one of your developments. We do this by:

• Drafting and implementing clear, realistic and extensively itemised budgets that we develop with you (the developer).

• Proving you with the benefit of our extensive experience in new development management from pre-sales, during construction and at settlement.

• Our acquisitions team specialize in settlement management and ongoing support with defect management – this significantly reduces the pressure on you at the time of your development’s completion and thereafter.

• We recognize the importance of effective communication with new owners and residents, placing significant emphasis on clear and transparent communications, both in English and Mandarin, in person and in writing.


We can facilitate the implementation of a Management Rights Agreement into the constitution of the development that is implemented at settlement (as has been successfully done in Queensland for a number of years) – this allows you to maintain quality control over the standard of building maintenance for years to come, protecting the vision of your project following delivery.

Management Rights Agreements can make you substantial amounts of currently unrealised profit (into the millions of dollars in some cases), that other OC Management companies don’t want to tell you, or don’t even know about.

In Victoria, most OC Management companies deter developers from entering into Management Rights Agreements for no other reason than it takes money out of their own pocket. At MTB Australia we don’t think like this. We openly suggest and support developers to implement a Management Rights Agreement at settlement and we’re one of few OC Management companies to do so. These agreements, which have been utilized in Queensland for more than 30 years, ensure greater quality control over building maintenance and are an asset.

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