Who we are

MTB Australia Pty Ltd is a boutique company offering bespoke service to our clients.

Owners Corporation

Known within the Owners Corporation sector as providing niche services to developers and new construction developments, MTB Australia also provides management services to established Owners Corporations whether they are residential, commercial, mixed use or serviced apartments ranging in size from 3 Lots to 100+ Lots.

At MTB Australia our professionalism is matched by our dedication to clients. Our strong reputation throughout the industry awarded MTB Australia with being the preferred Owners Corporations Manager for The Block, as seen on Channel 9. Some of our client list include: BPM, Lechte Corporation, Capital Alliance and Lucent Capital.

All have benefited first hand from our revolutionary, unique and personal style of OC Management, now it can be your turn…

As a developer, providing clarity to your buyers enhances your reputation because you are able to provide assurances that others cannot.
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